Library has 1100 titles of books with multiple copies , ten journals, ten sets of Encyclopedia, sufficient number of reference Books in different disciplines of study including education. There are reading hall in the library having total capacity for sitting 64 readers at at a time.


All the science Departments including Psychology has well equipped laboratory for conducting practical. The science labs are well equipped with latest equipments required for a time.


There is a well furnished Computer Lab available with multimedia facilities in the college. Internet Connection is available in Computer lab and students can access Internet facilities as per requirement.


A educational technology lab is working in the faculty of education to meet challenges of modern education system. It is equipped with over Head projector , Screen Laptop, Color Television, Photocopier, Sound System and much equipment for the purpose of educational technology.


Special care is being taken to develop modern sports facilities in the campus for different outdoor and indoor games.


The college has adequate number of highly qualified , component and dedicated faculty / academicians from diverse fields, which have got a long experience in teaching.